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About Bali Theatre

Bali Theatre is the island’s premier indoor theatrical complex built to international standards in stage settings, state-of-art lighting and sound systems, luxurious seating, spacious lounge and other modern facilities. It is located in the heart of Bali Safari Marine Park along the newly developed seaside highway, Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra, on Bali south-eastern coastline of Gianyar.

The theatre brings a whole new experience to theatrical art performances by accommodating a combination of traditional and contemporary dance, modern puppetry, and live animal parades. All this is highlighted with a combination of three different melodic influences. Specially written music is performed by a western orchestra accompanied by a live Balinese pentatonic gamelan ensemble and loud Chinese cymbals and drum. 

This is an entirely new concept which adds to the show without in any way diminishing its Balinese cultural heritage. The massive collaboration of 150 performers mirror every aspect of the island’s historic past. Its story retells an epic Balinese tale with scenes of the island’s paradise, its royal atmosphere and the magical forests that are the settings for the romantic and heroic scenes.

The main stage is separated from the audience by a river pond, with boat skippers voyaging on it.  The mega-stage setting transports the audience into a timeless journey and through a magical performance that shows the true colours of the island as it was several hundred years ago.