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The Stage

The biggest stage in Bali of 80 meters wide X 40 meters deep, completed with:

  • 3 trapdoors platforms can be raised by counterweight system under the stage.
  • Ample truss points for aerial performers to rig
  • Permanent counterweight lines are spread over the stage at various depths, each can hover a total of 500kg weight at dazzling speeds
  • Static Lighting rig to supplement 75 intelligent light fixtures
  • 2 smoke machines
  • 2 haze producers system
  • Navigable moat in between the stage and the VIP lounge area
  • Cyclorama backdrops frame
  • Sound and lighting control room
  • Spot lights, follow light
  • State of art sound systems

The seating area

  • Luxurious 1,200 viewing seats, divided into 4 categories of VVIP, Madya, Agung dan Pratama
  • Handicap seats are available on the first easy access entrance
  • 2 rows seating area near the stage for close viewing

Back of the house

  • Rehearsal room
  • Male and female spacious dressing rooms and toilets
  • Storage for props and wardrobes
  • Separate entrance for casts and animal performers