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Bali Agung Will Not Be Showing on October 21, 2012

Due to the soon-coming, Safari Pestaraga International 2012 event that will take place in Bali Theatre of Bali Safari & Marine Park on Sunday, October 21, 2012, we are informing you that the Bali Agung show at that date will not be performing. Please plan your visit wisely so you can enjoy the best safari experience in Bali.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Rates and Packages Change

Rates and Packages Change

Dear guests,

Bali Theatre as an integrated part of Bali Safari and Marine Park is going to have a change in our Rates and Packages. As of April 1, 2012, Bali Theare's website (www.balitheatre.com) is not going to provide online booking facility from it. However, you can check www.balisafarimarinepark.com for updates on our Rates and Packages. We will be fully integrating and including the show at Bali Theatre to the packages in Bali Safari and Marine Park. Therefore, booking to watch our show is not necessary and you can purchase the access to Bali Theatre by purchasing the packages listed in Bali Safari and Marine Park's website. CLICK HERE to read the announcement.


Thank you.


Bali Safari Won Indonesia Leading Amusement Park

ITTA Awards Gala Dinner


Bali Safari and Marine Park has been named as Indonesia Leading Amusement Park in Indonesia Travel and Tourism Awards 2010/2011. This award is the highest award of Indonesian tourism organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia, which aims to appreciate and celebrate the success and service excellence in every sector of Indonesia's tourism industry.

As a conservation park that aims to protect wildlife from extinction, the coronation was a sense of pride that through our attention to the animals can also enrich Indonesian tourism world. Hans Manansang General Manager of Bali Safari and Marine Park which receives the award in Jakarta (10/21) said that although the park only three years at age, the awards is a pride specifically for Bali Safari and Safari Park and generally for Taman Safari Indonesia.

Bali Safari and Marine Park is located on 40 hectares of land in the Gianyar-Bali is one part of the Taman Safari Indonesia, which has been known by a variety of attractions and activities of animal conservation. This park raised three areas of the world such as Africa, India and Indonesia itself. There are 60 species of 400 animals bred in Bali Safari as efforts to conserve wildlife from extinction. This park is designed so that visitors can get an unforgettable vacation experience. Visitors can experience a different dining experience overlooking the Tsavo lions in very close encounter that everyone ever imagines. Or watching World-Class theatrical performance that recently inaugurates by Minister of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Jero Wacik SE on October 16. Carrying the concept of one-stop entertainment, Bali Safari and Marine Park is committed not only entertain but also educate through conservation programs and to improve the quality of service in the Indonesia tourism industry of Indonesia.


Minister of Cultural and Tourism Republic of Indonesia Officialy Commence Bali Theatre

Bali Theatre

A month after the soft opening, Bali Safari and Marine Park conducted grand opening of Bali Theatre. Inaugurate by Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia, Ir Jero Wacik SE on Saturday, October 16, 2010. As one part of the Taman Safari Indonesia who has been concerning on animals conservation this time made a breakthrough in efforts towards cultural conservation.  Bali Agung performance lifted the ancient Balinese legend featuring 150 dancers, 40 puppets, and more than 30 animals including ten elephants at one mega stage 80 x 40 meters. The story was retelling the legend of Balinese Goddesses from 12th-century king Jaya Pangus who married a Chinese princess, Kang Cing Wie, and the father of a child with another woman is considered a goddess of fertility Bali, Dewi Danu. The event was attended by Frans Manansang the Director Taman Safari Indonesia, Vice Governor of Bali Anak Agung Puspa Yoga, Head Regent of Gianyar Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardna Sukawati, Mayor of Denpasar Ida Bagus Rai Mantra and other governmental body.


Bali Agung Design


Creating the world of Bali Agung has been a unique and joyful challenge for Designer Richard Jeziorny and his crew, calling on the talents of local artists, makers and the skilled teams from Taman Safari. Inspired by a knowledge of Balinese tradition and Chinese culture, Richard’s designs bring to life the world of this exciting new production.

Costume makers from Bona, Sukawati and further afield from Samarang, have converged on the Bali Theatre to dress and costume simple villagers, Balinese kings, Chinese merchants and lake goddesses. Each brings their unique knowledge and experience to this project to create this swirling and colourful world of ancient Bali.

Staff from Taman Safari and makers from Yogya worked long hours to build and finish the massive sets required to fill this new mega stage and evoke the colourful and varied environments of the story.

Local puppet makers worked on tiny birds, wayang kulit shadow puppets and giant monsters that emerged from the workshops at the Safari park.

Other staff worked tirelessly to create unique headdresses and colourful livery for elephants and camel, sewing cloth lakes and making armor, spears, furniture and other props  to enhance this extraordinary production.

Richard Jeziorny
Aug 2010


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