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The Show

A massive performance by 180 Bali’s most talented dancers and performers with dozens of live animals directed by an internationally acclaimed director and producer, Bali Agung is a new spectacular show highlighting the emergence of Bali as a prosperous island and attracting people from around the globe almost a millennium ago.

The first of its kind in Bali, Bali Agung is a totally visual show of effervescent arts, talented dancers, lives exotic animals, unique puppets, vibrant costumes, sophisticated sound and lighting on an advanced multimedia stage in a huge modern theatre. 

Its story stems from a historical account of how the island’s mesmerizing beauty and its hardworking yet charming people made Bali a world class destination around 900 years ago. This is vividly described on stage through the legendary marriage of a Bali king and a Chinese princess. 

Audience will be taken back to a bygone era when farming was the island’s sole and most rewarding economy, with various exotic animals wandering freely in Bali’s forests, children absorbed in their traditional games and markets that were busy with people exchanging goods, with lots of smiles and laughter. 

The island’s surplus farming produce attracted many foreign traders. It was in this era when the Chinese superior technology in metal-related manufacturing, porcelain and ceramic products came to meet the island’s demand. So close was the relationship that many of the Chinese cultural aspects were, and still are, seamlessly adopted into today’s Hindu tradition. Replicas of holed Chinese coins can be seen at temples throughout the land, barong dances are performed frequently and dragon effigies can be seen nearly everywhere.

All of this will be shown daily in the ultra modern, yet classic mega theatre, which is the first ever built in Bali to especially cater for international spectators. Special features include a parade of ten live elephants (indeed, the Bali kings travelled around the island astride one of these giant mammoths), a real river pond with traditional boa skippers voyaging on it, a dalang puppet master retelling the kingdom’s history and a number exotic animals including tigers, deer, and many kinds of live birds enhancing the show.

The dazzling speed of the performance as it moves from one scene to another and the thundering sound of a beautifully married orchestral score with a live Bali’s pentatonic gamelan ensemble and ear piercing Chinese cymbals and drums, guarantees audiences something they will remember long after the performance is finished.

Bali Agung is a show by the island’s most applauded performers and directed by an internationally acclaimed theatrical legend and is about the origin of Bali’s truth-seeking life based on their much-admired Hindu Dharma philosophy.

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