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The Creators

Bali Agung is a grand collaboration of over 150 Bali’s most talented dancers and performers, directed and supported by internationally acclaimed director, producer, puppet maker, costume and artistic designer, music composer, stage director, lighting engineer, and not to mention animal trainer.

Many of them have involved in world-class events and cultural projects such as Olympic and Commonwealth Games celebrations.

Having worked and acquainted with the island best artists and performers, falling in love with the island artistic talents and devotion to arts, you are guaranteed an exclusive performance dedicated by a collection of connoisseurs.

It is a work of the island applauded performers directed by internationally acclaimed director about the origin of Bali’s truth-seeking life based on their much-admired Hindu Dharma philosophy.


Creative Team Executive Producers Production Team
Peter Wilson Hans Manansang Collin Best
I Made Sidia Danis Manansang Sue Fenty
Richard Jeziorny John Sumampau Richard Sam Pillai
Chong Lim  
Ian Knowles    
Phillip Lethlean    


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